Our school is a big part of our local community. As a Catholic school we have a duty to ensure all pupils understand how to care for our local and global community and become confident stewards of the earth. Our children understand the importance of looking after our local community. Geography, SEAL, RE and Science topics inform children how to be good stewards of the earth and encourage them to have greater environmental awareness.

We have strong links with our local care homes and our KS2 Vocal Group are regular visitors. We also invite our elderly parishioners and friends in our local care homes to our annual Remembrance Day Tea Party where the guests enjoy entertainment from choir and councillors and share stories with children.

In this special year for our Church, we are a big part of the 175 anniversary celebrations. We have completed artwork to decorate Church for their many open days to share its history.

Our links with local business’ are shown through our ‘Farm to Fork’ visits to Tesco in KS1 and also through our Careers Fayre where people from our community are invited to talk to children about their jobs and how they impact our community.

Miss Denson