[KS2] Mrs Healy Visit

[Year 5] Vote 100

[Year 5] Forces Experment

[Year 5] STEM Week

[Year 5] Earth and Space

In Year 5 we have been learning all about Earth and Space. This week we looked at how planets orbit, rotate and move in the Solar System and around the Sun. We discussed the different theories that people have had throughout history on how the planets move and created our own drama, showing how people’s beliefs have changed from the Geocentric (Earth-centred) model, to the Heliocentric (Sun-centred) model.


[Year 5] CAFOD


[5RD] Plan a Holiday to Spain

We worked in mixed ability groups to plan a holiday to Spain. We had to ask Miss. Denson for the correct information and use the iPads to help us work out the final cost. We couldn’t believe how many different things we had to factor in!