Jaguar Land Rover – Computing and Maths in the Workplace

On the 31st January 2017we went to Jaguar land rover for a trip about computing and maths. First we were greeted by a manager named Danny. He showed us a power-point about all of their 711 robots (which cost up to £250000 each). After we were shown a brief input we were told about health and safety around the factory. Then we left to go and look around.

The robots we saw were astonishing and were programmed through computers to move in a perfect sequence, with great consistency. Sparks were flying everywhere whilst we walked around the factory as the robots welded the cars together.

As we arrived at the paint station we were informed that they use over 1.2 million litres of paint every year, we were also told that on average they make 44 cars every hour , 1056 everyday , 7392 every week and 384,384 every year. Damien, who showed us around the factory told us at the end that it was a pleasure to have us, we should be very proud of our behaviour and we are a credit to our school.

Jude, Owen and Jake M – Year 6