Download: Accessibility Plan (February 2018) [PDF]

Download: Admissions Policy – 2018-19 [PDF / 2019-20 [PDF]

Download: Anti Bullying Policy 2018-2019 [PDF]

Download: Attendance and Punctuality 2018-2019 Policy [PDF]

Download: Calculation Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: Charging and Remission Policy (September 2018) [PDF]

Download: Child Protection Policy 2018-19 [PDF]

Download: SAFER WORKING PRACTICES – Code of Conduct 2018-2019 [PDF]

Download: Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Family Members [PDF]

Download: Confidentiality Policy [PDF]

Download: Curriculum Policy – September 2018[PDF]

Download: Model Data Protection Policy for Schools 2018 [PDF]

Download: E-Safety Policy [PDF]

Download: E-Security Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: Data Protection – Privacy Notice 2018-2019 [PDF]

Download: Dignity at Work Policy and Procedure [PDF]

Download: Discipline and Behaviour Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: Discipline and Behaviour: Governing Body Statement of Principals Informing our Behaviour Policy [PDF]

Download: EYFS Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: EYFS Assessment and Record Keeping Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: Feedback Policy [PDF]

Download: Grievance Policy [PDF]

Download: Health and Safety Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: Home School Agreement 2018-2019 [PDF]

Download: Intervention Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: Intimate Care Policy July 2018 [PDF]

Download: Looked After Children Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: Lost or Missing Child Policy [PDF]

Download: Mobile Phone Policy 2018-2019 [PDF]

Download: Non-Collection of Children Policy [PDF]

Download: Packed Lunch Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: St Oswald’s Complaints Policy 2018 [PDF]

Download: Social Media Policy [PDF]

Download: Schools Privacy Notice 2018-2019 [PDF]

Download: RSE Policy St Oswald’s 2018 [PDF]

Download: Visitors Leaflet 2018-2019 [PDF]

Download: School Uniform Policy [PDF]

Download: SMSC Curriculum Map [PDF]

Download: Supporting Children and Young People with Medical Conditions in School [PDF]

Download: Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy – 2017 [PDF]

Download: Unreasonable Complaints Policy – February 2017 [PDF]


Requests for Paper Copies

If you wish to request paper copies of Policies and Documents please email the school office on stating which document you require and for what purpose. There will be NO charge for any documents requested.