Welcome to EYFS (Nursery and Reception)

In St. Oswald’s we follow the EYFS curriculum in our early year setting. Children learn through practical first-hand play-based experiences in both our indoor and outdoor environments. We encourage parents/carers and families to play an active role in their child’s learning too. Please click below for further information to support your child’s development.

Additional Information for Parents

Foundation Stage Information Booklet (PDF)

Supporting Reading at Home (Reception) (PDF)

Reception Homework Guide (PDF)

Parents and carers of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) can access useful information regarding their children’s learning and development from the below websites.

We also have listed some useful websites you may wish to visit with your child at home to further support their education. If you have some favourites not listed, please speak to a member of staff so we can add to the list and share with other families.

Home School Learning

Maths Monkey

In both Nursery and Reception we have maths monkey who will occasionally come home with your child to do some learning related to maths with your family. Sometimes this may be a specific maths challenge or game and other times will be very open ended allowing the children to explore maths opportunities at home with you. There are some suggested activities in the book and the children really enjoy sharing their learning with their class when they bring it back to school. Maths monkey goes home on Mondays to be returned on Wednesdays, Wednesdays to be returned on Fridays and Fridays to be returned on Mondays.

Reception Homework

Homework is sent home every Monday in Reception and needs to be back in school on Fridays. In addition to this the children all need to bring their book bag and reading book into school each day as they will be read with at school at various times across the week as well as the reading they do at home with you.

Extended Observations

Across the year we complete extended observations for every child. In the Early Years Foundation Stage we value the partnerships we have with parents and carers and appreciate your comments on these observations so that we can work together to help your children with their next steps in learning. Extended observations are sent out once per term and we ask that you read, comment and return this observation to your child’s key worker within a week of receiving it. A copy will then be put into your child’s learning journey which will be sent home for you to keep at the end of their time in our class. If you would like to discuss these observations further please see a member of our team.

Wow Moments

We value the knowledge that you have about child’s skills and what they are interested in and we ask you to share this with us. When you have something you feel you would like to share with school please fill in one of our wow moments sheet and bring it into school. The completed sheets will be displayed in class and will be used to help to make your child feel special as we share their news from home with their friends. We will also stick the sheets in your child’s Learning Journey book.
Perhaps your child has learnt how to do something for the first time e.g. recognising numbers to 5, using their knife and fork independently or recognising their name. Or it could be something that they, or you, are proud of e.g. persevering at something they found hard, putting their coat on, scoring a goal, trying different food, investigating and talking about objects they found in the park or doing something kind for someone else. Why not add a photograph - the children love to share photos! You could even email one to us at school and we will share it in class.

Our email address is nursery@stoswaldsschool.com