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Music in our school

Music in our school is high profile, we have a Music teacher, Mrs Hardwick who delivers sessions across the school and our class teachers also use Charanga software informed by the National Curriculum to deliver active Music sessions. These Music sessions aim to teach children basic rhythm and vocal skills and instil a confidence in them to perform and compose to their peers.  Each session works to consolidate previous learning and work towards a final piece at the end of each topic.Our children are very fortunate to experience a range of musical opportunities and learning through their curriculum lessons and live performances and Throughout the school our children are taught how to sing, play instruments and learn key musical terminology in a regular music lesson.

Extra-curricular activities such as choir are also available to children, whose singing is enjoyed in school, church and in the community at retirement homes and through charity work. More information on the music curriculum can be found at:

Our Wider Opportunities programme allows Y3 to all learn the Ukulele. These weekly sessions help them to learn new skills and practise their instrument, with a view to inspiring an interest in instrumental lessons which they may choose to carry on. These sessions follow the same National Curriculum guidelines which allow children to explore, learn a skill, perform and compose. We also offer an opportunity to join ‘My School Band’ to help encourage children to play an instrument for fun.

As a Catholic school, Music is fed throughout our school life during Prayer Assembly and our visits to Church. We hold regular hymn practises and  the school choir lead our hymn singing in church and all children understand how Music is an important part of strengthening and professing our faith.

Download: Music – Learning Progression (PDF)

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