Download: Geography – Curriculum Overview 2017-2018 (PDF)

Download: Geography – Autumn Term Overview 2017 (PDF)


At St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School, Geography is an opportunity for children to learn about a range of different places as well as their locality. The children use maps, images and artefacts to identify and describe landmarks and locations near and far.


Key Stage 1

This autumn, the children in Reception and Year 1 are focusing on exploring the world around them: using first-hand observations to enhance their locational awareness. Year 2 are learning to read and draw maps within their ‘African safari’ topic, whilst exploring what fascinating wildlife lives in Kenya.


Key Stage 2

The children in Key Stage 2 are extending their knowledge and understanding beyond the local area this term. Year 3 are exploring the human and physical Geography of Spain and Catalonia; whilst the children in Year 4 are studying some of the world’s hot and cold deserts. Year 5 children are learning about the human and physical features of Liverpool which attract tourists from all around the world. Year 6 are enjoying a distant continent – South America: exploring its beautiful landscape and fascinating wonders!


Additional Resources

If you would like to explore the fascinating world around you with your child, take a look at some of the following websites: