Download: Come and See – EYFS (PDF)

Download: Come and See – Themes and Topic Grid (PDF)

Autumn Overview

We are studying the Domestic Church topics , Baptism and Confirmation topics and then Advent and Christmas topics in each year group this Autumn.

Judaism will also be studied during the week of December 5th – 9th.

Recently, Year 6 visited Lowe House in St Helens for a retreat day where they explored how to achieve their aspirations and dreams – this year and later in life. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children who had a lot of fun activities to participate in.  This helped them to understand the day’s true message.

We are settled into our new school year and are looking forward to celebrating the Year of Mercy as schools from the Archdiocese will gather for a concert to celebrate the hard work, activities and achievements that have occurred during the Year of Mercy in all of the Archdiocesan schools.

Nearer to Christmas, we will be giving generously to CAFOD and helping to aid their mission by buying gifts for those less fortunate than ourselves. Each class will decide upon a gift to send overseas eg fresh water for a village or medicines that may help save children’s lives. This is a lovely way to give our children the opportunity to feel the ‘spirit of giving’ and feel a sense of fulfilment.

There are of course key dates to note this term:

  • 1st November All Saints
  • 2nd November All Souls Day
  • 27th November Advent begins
  • 8th December The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 25th December The Nativity of Our Lord – Christmas Day

The Celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord will undoubtedly be one of the Christmas highlights before we finish for the festive holiday.