Curriculum Overview 2017 – 2018

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Science Curriculum – Autumn Term 2017

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Science Curriculum Update

There has already been lots of great science work going on in school this year. In School the following topics are being studied:

Nursery – In the topic, Myself, the children are learning about some of the things that make them unique, they are also talking about some of the similarities and differences in relation to their friends and families.

Reception – Reception are looking at how there are similarities and differences between them and their friends.

Year 1 – Year 1 are observing changes across the seasons of autumn and winter. They will be going on a local area walk looking for signs of autumn. In addition they will be describing weather associated with the seasons and how the day length varies.

Year 2 – Year 2 are exploring Living things and their habitats, they will be comparing differences between things that are living, dead, and things that have never been alive. They will have the opportunity to describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants. They are identifying and naming plants and animals and investigating food chains.

Year 3 – In their ‘Animals, including humans’ topic Year 3 have been learning about the need for the right types and amount of nutrition in animals. They now know that animals cannot make their own food and they get nutrition from what they eat. In addition, they have learnt that humans and some animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.

Year 4 – In their ‘States of Matter’ topic, Year 4 have learnt how to compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. They have observed that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled, and have researched the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius (°C). Also, they have identified the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle. A very important process in our environment!

Year 5 – The Year 5 ‘Earth and Space’ topic is always a favourite with the children as they learn about aspects of science that are literally out of this world. They have been studying the planets in our solar system and in particular learning about the Earth’s orbit, moon and the influence of the Sun on our days, seasons and well, just about everything! They also produced some amazing projects at home, some of which can be seen in the Year 5 area and on the website.

Year 6 – The Year 6 topic being studied currently is all about how our bodies work and there are some crucial messages about our long term health. They have identified and named the main parts of the human circulatory system, and explained the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood. As well as this, an important part of their learning is to recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function.
Underpinning all of these topics is our continual focus on ‘Working Scientifically’. These are the skills which we use when we think, talk, plan, carry out and analyse scientific ideas and investigation work.

Mr Murray



External Resources for Science

Please find below a range of website suggestions that can be used to support learning in science for primary aged children.