Curriculum Overview 2017 – 2018

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Science Curriculum – Autumn Term 2017

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Science Curriculum Update – Spring 2018

At the half way point in the school year, there has already been lots of exciting science work completed within school. Central to this is allowing the children to appreciate and develop their understanding of Working Scientifically. Within class, these skills can take the form of discussions, questioning, observing, measuring and evaluating. We have introduced the use of child friendly Working Scientifically assessment sheets which allow the children to become better aware of the skills they are using in each lesson; not just when we are doing an investigation. In our infant building we have been investigating our seasons and exploring different materials and their properties. Our early years are having fun investigating in our fantastic Mud Kitchen. In addition to this, each year group in the juniors has been given a Science Scrapbook in which they can display some of the children’s learning that may not be evidenced in class books. This could be photos from group work, ideas from discussions or perhaps something that a child has brought in from home which has stirred their interest in science. We have created interesting and informative displays all around school and are enjoying looking at them and finding out interesting facts.

Looking ahead – Summer Term

The summer term will see science come into stronger focus with preparations for our STEM themed week. During this week we organise a range of activities that allow the children, and the parents, to see the links between science, maths, technology and engineering. We hope to carry on the success from last year and use this week as a springboard to engage the children with science and its importance for our lives and futures. There will also be a science after school club starting which will give keen scientists the chance to further develop their enjoyment in this subject area. As much as possible, we will try to give children as many opportunities to get hands-on with their science work; as this is when they really start to learn and progress.




External Resources for Science

Please find below a range of website suggestions that can be used to support learning in science for primary aged children.