Science Vision for the Curriculum


Our vision in St Oswald’s is for all pupils to have access to an engaging science curriculum that encourages curiosity and discovery. We want science to be viewed and appreciated as a core subject with a high profile within our school curriculum. To achieve this, we will work to ensure that all children develop scientific skills that progressively offer an understanding of the world we live in and beyond. We will continue to work hard at maintaining the links between science and other subjects such as maths, computing, DT and geography.

When the children think of science as a school subject, they should not view it within the isolation of a single science lesson delivered once a week.

As a school, it is our job to offer a curriculum, which delivers the essential scientific knowledge, but also maintains the freedom and flexibility for the children to arrive at this knowledge through their own enquiries and discoveries.

One of the three aims for the new science curriculum of 2014 is for children to be ‘equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future’. To make this possible, St Oswald’s will endeavour to provide children with exciting experiences that are not just based in the classroom but also take place in the school grounds and on trips out of school. As much as possible, we will try to give children as many opportunities to get hands-on with their science work; as this is when they can really grow as independent learners. Through these experiences we hope to develop a life-long love of science within our children which can drive them on to discover its relevance in our world and its strong appeal as an exciting career choice.

 Curriculum Overview 2017 – 2018

Download: Science Curriculum Overview 2017-18 (PDF)

Science Curriculum – Autumn Term 2017

Download: Science – Autumn Term 2017 (PDF)

Download: Science – Spring Term 2018 (PDF)

Science Summer Term 2018



Looking ahead – Summer Term

The summer term will see science come into stronger focus with preparations for our STEM themed week. During this week we organise a range of activities that allow the children, and the parents, to see the links between science, maths, technology and engineering. We hope to carry on the success from last year and use this week as a springboard to engage the children with science and its importance for our lives and futures. There will also be a science after school club starting which will give keen scientists the chance to further develop their enjoyment in this subject area. As much as possible, we will try to give children as many opportunities to get hands-on with their science work; as this is when they really start to learn and progress.




External Resources for Science

Please find below a range of website suggestions that can be used to support learning in science for primary aged children.