Our Pupil Advocates are working very hard to make our school a nicer place to be. We are helping people when they are upset and when they need someone to talk to. If you ever need to talk to someone but you don’t want to speak to an adult, you can come and talk to us!

Our Pupil Advocates from Year 2 are::

  • LeonVanessa









Our Pupil Advocates from Year 5 are:

  • Erin
  • Lola
  • Lily-Mae
  • Annie
  • Harry
  • Adam
  • Freya
  • Joel
  • Millie
  • Daisy
  • Renae
  • Emma


Training to be an advocate

In training, we learnt the qualities to being a good advocate (for example: being trust-worthy and confident). We also learnt how we could be a good listener and communicate with others. Another thing we learnt was some games to play on the play-ground and for wet play. We learnt all of these tips to being a good advocate/buddie in our “Mission to Listen” booklet we got from Miss Duncan, our pupil advocate leader.


Different ways we help people

We help people by making them new friends or if there lonely we play a game with them. If two people are having a disagreement, we calm them down and find a resolution. We help people by sitting down with them on a bench and let them talk and we listen. We help people by finding their friends either for them to say sorry or because they can’t find them.


Why we like being a pupil advocate

Here are two opinions by two pupil advocates on why they like being a pupil advocate.
“I like being a pupil advocate because you feel happy after you’ve sorted a problem out I also like making people new friends because you feel they are going to be happy with their new friends,” -Libby Williams
“I like being a pupil advocate because I like looking after people and making sure they are okay. I also like being a pupil advocate because I feel like people count on me and trust me. Being an advocate is challenging but rewarding,”-Macey Hanlon

If you are not sure about something tell an advocate.

By Libby and Macey, 5RD


Spring 2018

This term, we have been working together to continue improving our Advocacy. We have been working on making ourselves better advocates by playing listening games and role playing different situations. We are enjoying being advocates and helping children across the school. Don’t forget, we have worry stops across the school where you can place a worry and an advocate will come and help you! We would like to thank you for the Autumn Pupil Voice which told us you know who we are, what we do and what we can help you with. We will soon be handing out a spring Pupil voice for you to tell us how we are doing!


What it is like to be a Pupil Advocate by Ben, 5RD (Spring 2018)

Hi my name is Ben and I am a Pupil Advocate. I really like being a Pupil Advocate because I get to help people when they are upset, when they just want to talk to someone or, just simply, tell someone their worry so they can forget about it.

If what I am dealing with is a form of bullying or is too serious for me to handle, I pass it on to Miss Duncan so she can help. If you want to talk to a Pupil Advocate, whether we are on duty or off duty, we are always happy to help.

I like being a Pupil Advocate because I enjoy helping people and I like to resolve arguments whether they are silly or serious as all children have the right to be happy in school. So if you are ever upset, lonely or just want a listening ear, come and find a Pupil Advocate; we are always there for you!