We are very proud to have elected our Infant school council.

School Council meets every Thursday afternoon to discuss issues and matters that affect school life. Each class has two representatives, who serve for the entire academic year. Our School Council currently meets as two separate bodies, Infants council and Junior council, and meeting together as a full school council once per half term.

School council are currently working towards developing joint projects for the coming year and working through issues and solutions brought forward from each meeting.

Council Members

1MD Ellie & Aidan
Evie & Harvey
Freya & Colm

2BY Savannah & Archie
2JC Maisie & Daniel
2LD Cadence & Alfie

3AW Jamie and Daisy
3NW Emmie-May and Adam
3FL Lola and Michael

4DH Mia and Dominika
4CS Kyle and Lola
4HI Jamie and Teagan

5RD Olivia and Harry
5BW Ruby and Joe
5PM Tom and Charlie

6DN Ben and Ruby
6KN Maddison and Liedson
6WL Defne and Abraham


Autumn Term

Download: Student Council – Autumn Newsletter 2016 (PDF)

School council had an extremely busy Autumn term! We came together as a joint school council and began to develop projects for the coming months. Our biggest project this term was the Marie Curie Toy Appeal, where we managed to collect a whopping 3 vans full of toys to go to Marie Curie Shops. All school councillors worked extremely hard at this and represented the school brilliantly. We even got into the Liverpool Echo!

Not long after this, we worked together to host the Remembrance Day Tea Party, which allowed people of all ages to gather and Remember. We sang songs, played games and said prayers. We even got to chat to people who had war time memories. We really enjoyed this and it taught us a lot.

Later on in the term, we worked together to develop a School Council newsletter to go out so people could learn more about who we are and what we do. We look forward to releasing our next one!



Spring Term

Download: Student Council – Spring Newsletter 2017 (PDF)

At the beginning of the spring term, we launched reading buddies between the junior school councillors and the reception classes. So far this has been very successful, with all involved enjoying it and being able to learn skills such as patience and compassion. So far, Year 4, 5 and 6 have been to visit the reception classes. We are looking forward to carrying on with this in the summer term.


School Monitors

Throughout the school we have appointed two monitors for every class. The children had to express interest in becoming a monitor and state why they would be a good choice for this role. They undertake a range of jobs depending on their age. This includes jobs such as: playing games with younger children at lunchtimes, helping teachers with classroom tasks, helping with lunchtime arrangements and encouraging children in the school to follow rules and keep safe. The monitors may also represent their class for special events and they are role models for our school, continually displaying courtesy, kindness and a willingness to help others.


School’s Parliament

School’s Parliament gives the young people of Liverpool an opportunity to have a voice on matters within the city and to be heard by people of influence in the running of the city of Liverpool. Meetings of School’s Parliament take place in the Council Chamber of Liverpool Town Hall. Liverpool Schools’ Parliament is an official committee of Liverpool City Council and all decisions made by the Parliament are passed on to Liverpool City Council. The Parliament meets as 2 separate Houses. The Upper House represents those young people aged 11-19 and the Lower House represents those aged 7-11.

We currently have three representatives at School’s Parliament:

  • Charlotte-May Fletcher (6DN)
  • Harley McCormack (5PM)
  • Robyn Laffey (5RD)

External Link: https://www.ednet.co/Schools-Parliament