School Council Elections

We are very proud to have elected our School Council.

School Council meets on Wednesday afternoon to discuss issues and matters that affect school life. Each class has two representatives, who serve for the entire academic year. Our School Council currently meets as two separate bodies, Infants council and Junior council, and meeting together as a full school council once per half term.

School council are currently working towards developing joint projects for the coming year and working through issues and solutions brought forward from each meeting.

Thank you to everyone who put themselves forward for the role of School Council this year. We had lots of fantastic speeches, so well done to everyone who applied!

Well done to our new School Councillors, who were voted for by their peers.

  • 1LM Jack and Alissa
  • 1MD Jack and Eva
  • 1HH Sienna and Jack
  • 2HI Dylan & Maya
  • 2LD Amy and Mathan
  • 2JC Taigan and Michael
  • 3AB Mollie and Thomas
  • 3NW Ethan and Laila
  • 3FL Kevin and Emily
  • 4LY Sonny and Maria
  • 4PM Ada and Jamie
  • 4SG Joel and Sophie
  • 5RD Jessica and Andrew
  • 5BW Ava and Owen
  • 5JJ Macey and Prince
  • 6KN Joseph and Fern
  • 6DN Reece and Summer
  • 6WL Angel and Ethan

Schools’ Parliament

School’s Parliament gives the young people of Liverpool an opportunity to have a voice on matters within the city and to be heard by people of influence in the running of the city of Liverpool. Meetings of School’s Parliament take place in the Council Chamber of Liverpool Town Hall. Liverpool Schools’ Parliament is an official committee of Liverpool City Council and all decisions made by the Parliament are passed on to Liverpool City Council. The Parliament meets as 2 separate Houses. The Upper House represents those young people aged 11-19 and the Lower House represents those aged 7-11.

We currently have four representatives at School’s Parliament:

  • Macy (6DN)
  • Harley (6DN)
  • Jessica (5RD)
  • Andrew (5RD)

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