12th March 2018

On Friday 9th March, the construction company who are working on the development of our school, KrolCorlett, gave several lucky members of our news team the opportunity to go on a guided tour of their construction site. They showed us around the work that is taking place on the site, discussed the work that has been done so far and the next steps of the project, covered safety rules and answered lots of our questions during an exclusive interview!

At the beginning of the afternoon, Simon, the company director, gave us some hard hats and company high visibility jackets to wear, before taking us on an exclusive tour of the first building site on the playground. He showed us the materials being used for the building, including some absolutely huge bars of steel and told us some very important information about what is going to happen at the different stages of the project! We were even able to get some photographs taken by the company’s official photographer as we looked around the site.

After that, we took a short walk and made our way to the second part of the building site, outside the main entrance. Simon showed as a huge safety sign on the fence and told us about the importance of the safety rules that the builders need to follow, especially when working in a school with so many children around the site. We asked him some questions, and along with his site manager Steve, they told us about why they had spray paint, how they were planning to level out the foundations that have been put into place, and what the future plans were for that side of the building.

Once we had completed the tour, we took off our hats and jackets, and headed up to the quiet room, as it was time for our exclusive interview with Simon! We had all prepared some questions and each had the chance to ask him some things about both himself and the work that is taking place on our school, and he provided us with some brilliant answers. We found out about what it takes to become a builder and what the job entails, as well as all of the information about the plans for our school project and the great progress that has already been made so far!

Overall, the whole afternoon was brilliant and extremely informative. We have all been filled with even more excitement and enthusiasm about the development of our school and are eager to see the building work when the project is completed! Simon even said he would give us another tour of the building towards the end of the project, which we already cannot wait for! We would like to say a huge thank you to Simon and his team at KrolCorlett for showing us around the site, and make sure you stay tuned to our website for the exclusive interview and further updates about the development of our school!