22nd June 2020

Hello Year 5!

Here is your home learning planner for this week. Don’t forget, we would love to see photo’s of your work on Twitter if you can share them with us.

We hope to see you soon!

Download: Year 5 – Home Learning Plan – 22nd June [PDF]

Download: -able Spellings Summer 2 [PDF]
Download: Barcodes Challenge [PDF]
Download: Computing – Promoting Good Sleep [PDF]
Download: DT – STEM Activity – Monsoon Proof Roof [PDF]
Download: DT – STEM Project [PDF]
Download: Editing Checklist [PDF]
Download: Friday – Show Me Time Starter [PDF]
Download: Geography – The Awa Indigenous Tribe [PDF]

Download: Initial Ideas [PDF]
Download: Monday – Caterpillar Sequences [PDF]
Download: Music – The Beatles [PDF]
Download: PSHE – Celebrating Diversity PPT [PDF]
Download: PSHE – Thinking Cards [PDF]
Download: Rainforests Comprehension Lesson [PDF]
Download: RE – Images of St Joseph [PDF]
Download: Science – Deforestation Factsheet [PDF]
Download: Science – Photos of the Amazon [PDF]
Download: Science – Rainforest in Trouble [PDF]
Download: Science – Rainforest PowerPoint [PDF]
Download: Science Starter – Fact Cards [PDF]

Download: Storyboard Planner [PDF]
Download: Tuesday – Angles in a Triangle [PDF]
Download: Tuesday Starter – Lucky Multiples [PDF]
Download: Wednesday Maths Puzzle – Hector’s Age [PDF]
Download: Wild Words Creature Poem [PDF]
Download: Word Bank [PDF]
Download: Words of the Week [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Multiplication and Division Answers [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Multiplication and Division Quiz [PDF]
Download: Year 5 Summer Term 1 SPaG Activity Mat 1 [PDF]