9th May 2017

“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.”
– Toni Morrison


The St Oswald’s Writing School is a brand new initiative recently undertaken by Year 3 student teacher Mr Ferry. It was set up to encourage those who enjoy writing, along with new writers, to share their work and hone their skills during after school creative writing workshops. We aim to provide an outlet for children’s creativity and help cultivate their interests, by giving advice and guidance during their writing process. As well as this, it will recognise excellence in daily lessons by identifying, rewarding and showcasing the work of those who show excellence in and passion for writing.


Spring Collection

Our first short collection consists of work created by a very talented group of writers from Year 5.

It contains the following:


Legend Stories

Legend Stories – Hannah E (5BW)

Legend Stories -Olivia W (5BW)

Personification Poetry

Personification Poetry – Hannah E (5BW)

Personification Poetry – Olivia W (5BW)

Personification Poetry – Year 5 – Thomas R (5RD)

Rewriting Macbeth

Rewriting Macbeth – Hannah E (5BW)

Rewriting Macbeth – Olivia W (5BW)

Rewriting Macbeth – Thomas R (5RD)

We will be regularly updating the website with more amazing work by our very talented writers.