At St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School the SENDCOs responsible for co-ordinating the provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are Mrs Jacqueline Williams and Miss Hayley Kirwan.

If you have any questions or queries about Special Educational Needs or Disabilities at any point during your child’s time at our school, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Williams or Miss Kirwan, by making an appointment at the relevant school office.

SEND – Curriculum Drivers

Language – The importance of language is undeniable and language development is crucial. We strive for our SEND children to be able to communicate in a variety of ways with meaning to a range of audiences. At St Oswald’s, we encourage all children the use of a wide vocabulary, good listening skills and a high level of literacy to become confident readers and writers. (Faith in Our Voice).

Diversity and Inclusion – Not only does creating greater multicultural and inclusive awareness of all, help children and adults with different backgrounds and needs succeed; it also celebrates differences; encourages acceptance and helps prepare SEND children to thrive in an ever changing and diverse world. (Faith in Others).

Resilience – We want all our SEND children to understand the need to persevere and develop the emotional and physical security needed to become resilient individuals who are able to take risks, not ‘give up’ and deal with different barriers and challenges faced on a daily basis and having the confidence to ‘have a go’. (Faith in Ourselves)

Enrichment – With identified support put in place, enrichment activities offer equal opportunities for all SEND pupils to develop their cultural capital by providing opportunities they may not have had otherwise. (Faith in Our Journey)

Additional Resources

Download: SEND Policy 2023-2024 [PDF]

Download: SEND Information Report 2023-2024 [PDF]

Download: Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2023-2024 [PDF]

The link to the Local Offer, where both the electronic and printable versions can be found:

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External Resources

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Name and contact details for the SENDCos

Mrs Jacqueline Williams

Bachelor of Arts Hons in English Language and Literature with Qualified Teacher Status
Post Graduate Certificate on Special Educational Needs Coordination

Contacted directly at the school on 0151 228 8436 or via email at

Miss Hayley Kirwan

Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies and Fine Art with Design
Professional Graduate certificate in Education (PGCE) in Primary English education with QTS

Contacted directly at the school on 0151 228 8436 or via email at