St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School ensures that every child will have information, awareness and opportunities to build their knowledge of ‘keeping safe’.

We place great importance in identifying opportunities in the taught curriculum for children to learn safe messages. Our broad curriculum gives pupils opportunities to experience life in all its diversity, to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills that significantly impact on personal development, behaviour and welfare. We give them opportunities across the curriculum to explore values, personal rights, responsibilities and equal opportunities that develop moral concepts that impact positively on safeguarding, promote British values and prevent radicalisation and extremism.

We plan to constantly challenge children to think deeply about safeguarding matters and their own personal physical and mental wellbeing. We value pupils’ questions and give them space for their own thoughts, ideas and concerns.

To enable this to happen, all subjects and areas of school life will promote safeguarding messages. The details of the teaching will vary depending on the age and needs of the class. We are sensitive in our teaching and recognise that some more sensitive subjects need to be taught at an age appropriate level, or at a small group or 1:1 level where a more urgent need arises.

As a school, we have mapped out the safe messages and prevent themes which are delivered across our curriculum.

Additional Resources

Download: Safe Messages and Prevent Duty – Curriculum Information [PDF]
Download: Safe Messages and Prevent Duty – Themes [PDF]
Download: Safe Messages and Prevent Duty – RE [PDF]
Download: RSHE Grid [PDF]
Download: PHSE – Progression of Skills Overview 2022-2023 [PDF]