Together with Jesus, we will Learn and Grow in Faith.


Together with Jesus, we will live out the Gospel values in all that we think, say and do.

Objectives – we will do this by:

  • promoting Gospel values through example
  • worshipping together through assemblies, whole school, class and parish
  • following our behaviour policy and ensuring that Jesus is present in all decisions
  • being willing to forgive and be forgiven
  • encouraging all individuals to take responsibility for their actions
  • recognising Christ in everyone


We will strive for excellence in our ever-changing world, by promoting a love of lifelong learning.

Objectives – we will do this by:

  • providing inspirational teaching through effectively planning, monitoring and evaluating provision to enrich future teaching and learning
  • providing opportunities for all to develop their gifts and talents realising their full potential
  • celebrating the gifts and talents of all, to support and encourage success
  • ensuring that the ethos and culture of school is positive with lots of opportunities for enhancement of the curriculum to ensure school is fun
  • ensuring the resources the children use are up to date and reflect changes in the modern world

Community Aim

By welcoming and working in partnership with the wider community, we will celebrate diversity through respect for others.

Objectives – we will do this by:

  • ensuring that the diversity of the modern world is reflected in lessons, partnership working, resources and themes/topics covered
  • ensuring the children are taught to celebrate difference and respect diversity and these themes run across all lessons
  • ensuring our children get opportunities to make links with local community, church, local business, care homes etc.
  • becoming fully involved with charities and fundraising through CAFOD, Good Shepherd, and other local causes
  • inviting members of our community into school to celebrate, praise and worship together
  • ensuring that all adults and children in positions of trust model the values we want to promote