Download: Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2021-2022 [PDF]

Our school target is 97% attendance.

We have colour coded the below attendance data as:

Red: Less than 90.0%
Orange: 90.0% – 93.9%
Yellow: 94.0% – 96.9%
Green: 97.0% – 99.9%
Gold: 100.0%

You can view further attendance data by clicking here.

Percentage Means Pounds Prize Winners

3EM, our attendance winners from Spring, went bowling with their prize money!

Please welcome Mango, Banana, James Pond and Fin to St Oswald’s.

3EM used their ‘Percentage Means Pounds’ attendance prize money to buy a class pet.

A huge welcome to Mojo, 1SB’s pet gecko, who they bought with their ‘Percentage means Pounds’ winnings.