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Safe Messages and Prevent Duty – Curriculum Information 2022-2023


High priority is given to developing speaking and listening skills to enable children to be able to communicate their ideas and emotions in an effective way. These skills are crucial to developing each child’s ability to participate fully as a member of society. Children are encouraged to listen to, express and value different opinions. They are supported in challenging viewpoints in a respectful manner.

Children have access to a wide range of reading materials, which enable them to develop culturally, socially and emotionally. Through their reading and writing, they develop strategies to persuade and influence others. Emphasis is placed on cross-curricular writing, allowing opportunities to explore a variety of challenging topics.


In Maths children are encouraged to apply their Numeracy skills to real life situations. Children are taught the skills needed, such as managing money, avoiding debt and the skills required to obtain a job or career. This is enhanced further by the provision of workshops by banks and designated career days. All of this contributes to children understanding how to achieve future economic wellbeing.


Children are taught to use technology safely and respectfully and recognise the importance of keeping personal information private. They learn about sources of help and support when they have concerns about content on the internet or other online technologies. This would include material aimed at an older audience, extremist views, the promotion of hurtful or harmful behaviour and illegal content.

An annual Internet Safety day and Anti-bullying week provides additional opportunities to reinforce key safeguarding messages.


As part of the Science curriculum pupils are encouraged to think about how the choices they make can affect their health and wellbeing. This is enhanced further during the annual health and fitness week. They are encouraged to assess hazards and discuss the appropriate precautions before carrying out investigations. The safe use of equipment is promoted at all times.

KS1 and Y6 History and Geography

Pupils analyse events in UK and world history where British values have been tested, and how the actions of humans impacted how we live now. In Geography pupils look at how different cultures live and work throughout the world. As a result of this, they start to develop tolerance and respect for others on a local, national and global scale. They have the opportunity to explain their views on a number of social questions, such as how society should respond to poverty and how and why laws evolve within society.

Y3 – Y5 Opening Worlds

In History sessions, pupils discover how different civilisations have grown, and how each society was formed and ruled. They are encouraged to discuss ancient laws and ways of life and compare them to today, commenting on ethical reasons why they may or may not be upheld in today’s society. In Geography sessions, children discover the natural world and discuss human impact on the environment or how humans have adapted due to natural disasters. Children also are given opportunities to make links between History and Geography, and discover how humanity has shaped our globe over time.


Children are encouraged to discuss and express their own views through their artwork and the artwork of others. Their study of artists and their work, allows them to explore how emotions and inner feelings are expressed through painting, sculpture and architecture. This raises their awareness of respect for public institutions, different cultural traditions and the positive impact they can have on society.

Children are taught to control materials, tools and techniques safely.

Design and Technology

Pupils undertake their practical work in safe environments, under appropriate supervision and they are taught how to follow instructions carefully in order to control risk to themselves and others.

Pupils are taught how to use tools/utensils and equipment safely and to consider hazards and risks in their activities and behaviour. They have opportunities to take account of user safety in the products they design and make. +As part of their work with food, pupils are taught how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Pupils are taught about the possible impact on their health of certain behaviour such as eating habits. Rules of food hygiene are regularly discussed and put into practice.

Through food technology they explore food from other cultures and the importance of FairTrade.


Pupils have regular opportunities to discuss how pieces of music make them feel and to appreciate how music can be used in different ways and in different settings, including worship and relaxation.

Choral singing and playing of instruments encourages a sense of community. Through the common goal of making music, children learn how to work effectively with others and to build up good relationships. The music curriculum has a vital role to play in building selfconfidence and self-esteem.

Cultural development of all pupils is promoted by encouraging children to listen and respond to traditions from around the world and from different times. Through their growing knowledge and understanding of the music, they develop positive attitudes towards other cultures and societies.


During PE, pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe when carrying out any form of physical activity. They are taught how to handle equipment safely, being aware of any potential risks to themselves and to others.
When working collaboratively, they are encouraged to share opinions, show initiative and demonstrate respect when resolving conflict.

Pupils learn about the positive impacts of exercise on both their physical and mental wellbeing and regularly explore issues linked to personal hygiene.