A message from our Head Teacher

Dear Parents/Carers,

This time of year, we usually have our children’s University celebrations that recognise the achievements of children throughout the year. Like everything else this year, this cannot happen, but we have asked staff to select children from their class for Endeavour Awards. These Awards go to children who have impressed this year with their consistent hard work and progress.

Well done to the children chosen, it is always a difficult task as we have so many worthy candidates.

Miss D Hay
Head Teacher

Well done to all of our pupils who received an Endeavour Award this year. We are very proud of you all.

AMG – Frankie-Lily [PDF]
AMG – Paddy [PDF]
PMG – Alfie [PDF]
PMG – Isla-Rose [PDF]
RAB – Emily [PDF]
RAB – Sonny [PDF]
RJC – Jessica [PDF]
RJC – Reuben [PDF]
RSF – Christopher [PDF]
RSF – Eliza [PDF]
1AJ – Nicole [PDF]
1AJ – Tyler [PDF]
1NM – Daisy [PDF]
1NM – Iraklis [PDF]
1SB – Hayley [PDF]
1SB – Lewis [PDF]
2JC – Dougie [PDF]
2JC – Grace [PDF]
2LH – George [PDF]
2LH – Niamh [PDF]
2SG – Amelia [PDF]
2SG – Logan [PDF]
3AB – Bobby [PDF]
3AB – Sienna [PDF]
3EM – Chloe [PDF]
3EM – James [PDF]
3HH – Lily [PDF]
3HH – Varun [PDF]
4MW – Nicole [PDF]
4MW – Raffael [PDF]
4PM – Daniel [PDF]
4PM – Neve [PDF]
4RD – Conor [PDF]
4RD – Heidi [PDF]
5EC – Alice [PDF]
5EC – Frankie [PDF]
5JW – Charlie [PDF]
5JW – Vanessa [PDF]
5LD – Iniyah [PDF]
5LD – Roberto [PDF]
6JJ – Lana [PDF]
6JJ – Tom [PDF]
6SD – Kim [PDF]
6SD – Thomas [PDF]
6TL – Evie [PDF]
6TL – Jess [PDF]