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According to Keeping Children Safe in Education, “Schools and colleges should consider carrying out an annual review of their approach to online safety, supported by an annual risk assessment that considers and reflects the risks their children face.” The LGfL Online safety audit is designed to help schools complete such an assessment.

The LGfL Online safety audit was completed with input from the Safeguarding leads, Computing subject lead, MGL (who provide curriculum teaching and resources) and the technical team (Liverpool IT services). This was in recognition that “the designated safeguarding lead should take lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection (including online safety)” (Keeping Children Safe in Education).

The audit looks at not only the curriculum offered in school but also the effectiveness of systems in place in school to ensure school leaders are regularly reviewing these. The two broad areas assessed are: Curriculum, General Approach & Communication and Safe School Systems (technology for safeguarding and safeguarding for technology).

The audit is able to give leaders a clearer picture on what is being done well in school in regards to online safety and what the next steps are to enhance our provision, whether in the curriculum or to ensure the safety of systems from external and internal threats.