23rd October 2019

Dear Parents/Guardian,

St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School to which you have chosen to send your child is a Catholic Voluntary Aided school. Voluntary aided status provides distinct freedoms and flexibilities in the way that schools operate but, in return for the privilege of having and controlling such a school, there is a need to make a contribution to some costs, including those associated with capital investment.

Government provides the money annually for staff salaries, books and equipment for all schools. Catholic school buildings are constructed and repaired predominantly through Government grants but are owned by the Trustees of the Archdiocese of Liverpool. Under current legislation voluntary aided schools have to find 10% of the costs of all capital works i.e. investment in the building fabric over a value of £2,000. In order to help meet these costs the Archdiocese operates a school building fund to help meet the 10% costs of major projects and all of the investment funded through the Archdiocese’s annual capital programme.

Parishes and schools contribute equally to the building fund and the school share provides the opportunity for parents of children who benefit from the facilities to contribute on a voluntary basis.

The school share is based upon an annual amount calculated at £10.00 per child (or family where there is more than one child attending the same school) and, whilst the decision regarding the raising of this levy is a local one, the majority of schools invite a voluntary contribution from parents on this basis. Parents are reminded that there is no legal obligation to make any contribution and pupils at any of our schools will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have done so.

The levy continues to play a crucial role to maximise the continued investment in our school buildings and, in recent years, has helped to facilitate over £300 million of investment in Catholic schools across the Archdiocese through various funding streams and initiatives. The current Archdiocese capital programme is available on our website so that it is clear as to which schools have received capital funding in the most recent capital programme. St Oswald’s is one of the schools who have benefitted from a building programme.

If you are able to contribute you will be following generations who have raised money to help to provide and maintain the schools which now exist and from which your family will continue to benefit. Your continued support is greatly appreciated on behalf of our family of schools.

We have recently received a letter from the Archdiocese asking for our first instalment, and to this end I am asking for your full support in returning the Levy in the envelopes provided, as soon as possible. Please also tick the gift aid box if applicable, as this will give us a further contribution of £2.80 at no additional cost to you. If you feel you cannot afford to submit the full cost at this moment, please send in half now and the second half later in the year.

We thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs M Walsh
Head Teacher

Download: Levy 2019-20 Letter [PDF]