9th January 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

After our successful performances’ at the end of the last couple of years, we have decided to have another end of year performance. This year’s school production is an adaptation of Noah’s Ark called ‘Splash’ written by Craig Hawes.

We are now looking to audition for the main parts in the play and will be running rehearsals on Thursday’s after school starting January 23rd. The rehearsals’ will start after school and will finish at 4pm, children will need to be picked up afterwards unless they have written permission to walk home.

If your child wishes to audition for a part in the play, please help them to practise ONE of the below parts to perform for the teachers at lunchtime on these days next week:

Monday 13th – Year 6

Tuesday 14th – Year 5

Wednesday 15th – Year 3 & 4

Audition parts:

PRESTON: Things are not always what they seem, you know. Take this voyage, for example. “Luxury Cruise”, I called it! “Trip of a lifetime!”. If only they knew. Me – Preston Parrot – reduced to fraud! Yes, fraud! Now, don’t judge me too harshly. It didn’t start off like that in the beginning. In fact, it started off two weeks ago, in my wife’s umbrella shop…


POLLY: I’m sorry dear, but let’s face facts. The Captain’s a lovely chap, but he’s always so dramatic and, to be honest, he’s getting on a bit – probably going do-lally! I mean to say, “Great Flood Coming”! From where?

Children will be notified once parts have been selected.

Many thanks for your continued support with our school productions,

Mr Crowther and Miss Denson

Download: School Production of Splash letter [PDF]