26th March 2021

RE: Building work.


Dear Parents & Carers,

As we near the end of the spring term, I would like to thank you for the positive response to returning to full school opening. Though we are still working under safe covid regulations, the children have been really sensible and had adapted quickly.

Just to add to the chaos, the next phase of our building project is starting and is having a major impact on the junior building. Two classes 4RD & 4LD are moving from their area to temporary classrooms upstairs, the move has been well organised and all resources needed have been transferred to their new rooms. From Monday 29th March those classes will be in their new rooms and will remain there until the end of term.

There will be eight classes of children upstairs all using one stair case to enter and exit, this will be managed by staff so that year group bubbles can be maintained and that safe travel can be assured. In the event of an emergency we will be able to access the two staircases and fire evacuation plans have been updated. We are trying to maintain the same drop off and pick up times but this will have to be kept under review.

The building project also means that some internal corridors through school to the dining hall will not be able to be used and all the junior children will have to go around the external route and enter the hall from the back entrance. On fine days this will just be an inconvenience and works well with military planning of times, however on wet days the children will need to wear their coats with hoods. I apologise for this inconvenience but there is no other route to the dining hall. Please make sure that your child always has an outside coat with a hood so that if it does rain they will not get wet.

The final impact of the building disruption is the loss of some internal toilets, we have temporary toilet blocks situated at the back of the school near the year 3 exit. Obviously, these toilets will have to be closely supervised so children are safely using the facilities.

The new phase of the building will mean that we will have three new large classrooms, some intervention rooms and updated, modern toilets. We can’t have improvements without the disruption, the staff have all been amazing, no complaints just getting on with it and the children are as always fabulous.

Thank you as always for your co-operation

Yours Sincerely

Mrs M Walsh


Building work