18th June 2021

Liverpool City Council
Cunard Building
Water Street

Dear Parents / Carers,
In recent weeks, we have seen a rapid rise in Covid-19 cases in Liverpool. Currently
Liverpool has rates of 158/100,000 and is on an upward trajectory. The dominant
strain of virus in the UK is called the Delta variant and we have seen a steep rise in
COVID-19 cases locally. Evidence suggests the Delta variant spreads more easily
than previous strains.
As a result, we are requesting that additional measures are brought into schools to
slow down the spread of the virus. These controls may cause some disruption to
end of year plans that normally take place. Activities such as transition, assemblies,
proms and performances may need to be modified and alternative arrangements
made. Educational visits may also be impacted by these additional measures.
Schools will communicate with parents directly if any of their plans are impacted.
Face Coverings
On the 21st June 2021, we are requesting staff and pupils in Year 7 and above to
wear face coverings indoors whilst in school, including in classrooms where social
distancing cannot be maintained, with the exception of certain lessons such as PE.
This is an additional measure to support schools to manage the increased risk of
school-based transmission due to increasing cases and is fully supported by central
The purpose of wearing a face covering is to minimise the risk of transmitting the
virus to other people if you are infectious but don’t have symptoms. We know that up
to 30% of people with COVID-19 don’t experience symptoms, and everyone who has
the virus will be infectious in the two days before their symptoms start, so wearing
face coverings is one of a range of infection prevention and control measures that
have been introduced in schools to protect pupils and staff.
Exemptions for wearing face coverings are still in place and further information about
exemptions can be found here.
Any pupil who has one of the conditions on the exemption list will not be expected to
wear a face covering whilst in school. Anyone communicating to someone who
relies on lip reading will also be exempt from wearing a face covering……. Please see attached letter

Letter to Parents SRMA – 18.6.21