5th April 2023

Please find the National Online Safety guide for What Parents & Carers Need to Know about Echo Chambers below.

Download: What Parents & Carers Need to Know about Echo Chambers [PDF]

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Have you ever read something online that’s changed your perspective? Provided new information and made you look at an issue in a fresh light? Imagine if that kind of thing never happened: if everything you read on the internet just reinforced what you thought to begin with, and – what’s more – confirmed that pretty much everyone else out there in cyberspace felt the same way. 

Welcome to the world of online echo chambers, where one particular school of thought is constantly repeated and never challenged. This lack of impartiality can be damaging if the opinion is an extreme one – especially for younger people who are generally more inclined to believe it. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has the essentials for parents and carers. 

This free online safety guide examine echo chambers – how they work; why they’re potentially harmful to impressionable young internet users; and what trusted adults need to know.