9th May 2023

Please find the National Online Safety guide for 10 Top Tips for Safely Using Smartwatches below.

Download: 10 Top Tips for Safely Using Smartwatches [PDF]

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Wearable tech is increasingly big business. More than 170 million smartwatches were sold globally in 2022, for example, with Apple biting off the largest chunk of the market (26% – some distance ahead of Samsung, in second with 9%). That’s partly because they have more than 21,000 apps available for their devices, allowing users to customise their smartwatch experience.

Both Apple and Samsung’s products, of course, lean towards the higher spec end of the market – usually with price tags to match. Sourcing a less expensive alternative, however, often also means inferior safety features to protect young wearers. That’s just one of the potential hazards highlighted in our #WakeUpWednesday guide to smartwatches. In the guide you’ll find tips on a number of potential risks such as location tracking, causing distractions at school and the danger of theft.