20th December 2023

As part of our partnership with MGL World, we have been given access to a Computing parent portal. Through this parent portal, you are able to gain advice and assistance in regards to any computing matters which may affect your child or family. There are parent guides available for many apps. These explain what the app is, who its targeted audience is and any notes of caution for users and parents/carers. There is also the option to request an app review for any apps which your child is interested in, where a review is not currently available. There is also advice about how parental controls can be set up on devices and how this can be used to promote safe boundaries online for children. The parent portal does not require a login and can be accessed at https://mglworld.onlinesafetyhub.uk/parent/home

Through our link with MGL, we also have access to a parent app called Qustodio. Qustodio is a free app which helps to keep your child safe online, ensuring their digital activity is balanced and risk free. In addition, it helps parents supervise their way through filtering websites, setting time limits, blocking apps, getting reports and more. It also enables children to build a healthy relationship with technology. To access Qustodio, you will be required to sign up for a free account, which can be done through the link above and navigating to the main menu and the parent app tab.

Qustodio Family gives you everything you need to protect your children on their personal devices so they can flourish with technology, whether they’re at home, at school, or anywhere else.

  • Filter and block feature for content and apps
  • Visibility on browsing history, social media, and screen time
  • Time limits and screen-free schedules
  • Location tracking and panic button feature
  • Calls & messages tracking to monitor suspicious activity
  • Tailored reports and alerts for inappropriate content