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Week 5 Blog

Last week we completed an English comprehension about The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. It was very interesting and we learnt some of the horrors during WWII, people being led to death because of their beliefs. In maths last week we learned how to multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers, building up to 4 digit by 2 digit.On Thursday we did cross country try-outs as a year group and chose our first team. The children who got in were Ava, Taigan, Emily, Nancy, Ivy, Ruben, Jose, Michael, Harvey and Audy. Earlier in the week we went to gymnastics and balanced on the benches, using different levels, balances and movements to create routines.

Improv Acting

Week 4 Blog

This Week we did Maths, English, Science, R.E and history. In R.E we learned how forgiveness is an essential part of unconditional love. In basic skills we revised rounding and rounded up to any number. We have been working to use bar models in maths and this week really enjoyed working with partners, partitioning numbers using Cuisenaire rods. On Tuesday, In English we focused on grammar and punctuation, using colons and semi-colons for a variety of reasons. In Maths we understood two numbers can be related additively and multiplicatively and to solve problems using representations. For History we put ourselves in the shoes of evacuees from Liverpool, using hot-seating to get an understanding of how they felt. We then wrote a letter back home as an evacuee. In science we learned about the digestive system and its functions. For Pe this week we developed our skills in gymnastics, and attempted to do handstands and cartwheels. It was really fun. Our week ended with praise assembly on Friday where we announced the Head boy and Head Girl. We were all really excited and the candidates all did amazingly!

Week 3 Blog

Last week we did a number of things that we enjoyed.

On Monday, in English we wrote formal letters to Mrs Hay about how we could improve school lunches for everyone. We really enjoyed this because we got to share our voice and our suggestions. In Maths we rounded any number to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. In our R.E we focused on how we are all loved unconditionally by God and Jesus. We wrote about Paul and how he gives us hope that everybody can change.

On Tuesday in English we worked on whiteboards looking at how commas can be used: in lists, for speech, for embedded clauses and to change the meaning of a sentence. In maths we read scales with 2,4,5 and 10 intervals. In the afternoon we did science and completed one of the longest writes of year 6 so far. It was an information text all about how the circulatory system works.

On Wednesday, in maths we solved problems and reasoned using negative numbers. In English we wrote an informal letter to someone we know, it was very fun to use different language in our writing. In history we researched the feelings and experiences of evacuees. We read different sources which gave us information about how evacuees felt. Also, some people did third space!

On Thursday in English we did a comprehension about the first extract of a book, The boy in the tower. We answered a variety of questions and predicted what will happen next. We did pe in the afternoon, football, practising passing and having mini games, which we all enjoyed taking part in.

Friday was very exciting! We had a cake sale for the Macmillan coffee morning, we had lots of cakes donated and raised an incredible £836.33 as a school! All the money we raised is going to Macmillan cancer support to help those who suffer with different cancers. In class we completed our weekly spelling and times table tests. We had our praise assembly in the afternoon and the children shortlisted for Head Boy and Head Girl read their speeches out.

It was a very busy, but excellent, week in year 6!

Analysing Autobiographies

In English this week; year 6 have been analysing autobiographies. On Monday we looked at the language, layout and structure of autobiographies. In small groups we read extracts from Boy by Roald Dahl and then made short improvisations of what we read. We performed these in front of the class.

Week 2 Blog

Last week in Year 6 we watched a short clip of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe by C.S. Lewis in RE and wrote similarities between Jesus’ sacrifice for us and Aslan’s sacrifice for the children. Later in the week some children wrote a psalm about how god and how he cared and loves us unconditionally while others wrote a paragraph about how god is like a Shepherd caring for his sheep. In maths we have been learning about rounding numbers up to 10,000,000. While this was difficult at first, we worked hard and challenged ourselves. In literacy, we worked on formal and informal letter writing: we wrote a persuasive letter To Mrs. Walsh about school uniforms and put up reasons for and against. Our comprehension was all about Anne Frank and how she lived in secret with her family, we found it so interesting how well hidden it was by the bookshelf and that map! In our fun spelling lesson, we did a word search finding different words with hyphens.

For P.E we are doing gymnastics with Miss Wright, learning about different poses and balances. We also did football with Mr Loughran, focusing on dribbling and passing before playing mini-matches to reinforce what we had learned. In history we learnt about the early parts of WWII and how Germany had wanted to annexe other countries for extra living space; for our task we had to create a timeline full of events that happened in the early parts of World War II. Although war was declared in 1939 the fighting didn’t actually begin until 1940.
In R.E some children wrote a psalm about how god and how he cared and loves us unconditionally while others wrote a paragraph about how god is like a Shepherd caring for his sheep. On Friday in assembly certificates were given out and a select group of children were chosen to be a prefect! It was an excellent week in year 6 and we enjoyed it very much

By Ava, Taigan, Zack, Freya and Kai


Year 6 have made an excellent start to the new school year and what will be their final year here in Saint Oswald’s.

We have dived straight in to our learning; recapping place value in Maths, writing persuasive letters in English and looking at how the onset of World War II affected Liverpool in History.
This half term we are lucky to have outside providers for PE (gymnastics) and for computing each week. The children really enjoy these lessons and having the opportunity to learn new things.
In year 6, we aim to develop confident, resilient learners and work hard to develop the independence and maturity needed in high school.


The children need to have their PE kits in on Tuesdays and Thursdays this half term.

Homework will be given out on Fridays and needs to be back in by the following Thursday.

Spellings from homework will be tested each Friday morning.


Year 6 this week learned about different types of balances in gymnastics. They worked really hard in small groups and it wasn’t as easy as it looks. Well done children.

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