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Newspaper Reports

NSPCC Number Day

Year 6 Geography Day!

Year 6 worked really hard on Geography Day.

We explored how earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes are formed and the impact they can have on the people living there.

Year 6 – Blog

All of the Year 6 staff are incredibly proud of the online learning that the children have been completing in the last few weeks – well done!

Here’s the full update: Year 6 – Blog – 18th January [PDF]

Christmas Pictures & Nativity


Christmas Party

Nursery Nativity


Reception Christmas Party

RC Christmas Pictures

RC Nativity

RF Christmas Pictures

RF Nativity

RJ Christmas Pictures

RJ Nativity

Christmas Activity

Year 1

Merry Christmas!

Year 1 Nativity

Santa Dash

Visit from Santa

Year 2

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Jumper Day

2LM Christmas Jumpers

Santa Dash

Year 2 Nativity

2HI Christmas Party

2LM Christmas Party

Christmas Dinner

Year 3

Santa Dash

Christmas Dinner

Year 3 Nativity

Christmas Party Day

Year 4

Visit From Santa

Christmas Party Day

Advent – Collective Worship

Santa Dash

Christmas Dinner

Year 5

Christmas Song

Merry Christmas!

Santa Dash

Year 6

Santa Visit

Christmas Jumper Day

Santa Dash

Christmas Dinner

Collective Worship

6JJ – Stars of the Week

Mood and Atmosphere in Music

Stars of the Day

We Studied Gaudi