Nursery – Silly Soup

Good Morning Nursery children,

Today we are thinking about words that sound the same or words that rhyme. Have a go at making “silly soup”. You will need a big bowl and a spoon and then look round your house for some things that rhyme. I found some in my house that rhyme with frog. I have attached a picture to show you. Say the silly soup rhyme as you add things to your bowl. Can you find any other sets of rhyming words? Good luck and have fun.

Download: Silly Soup [PDF]

A message from Mrs Parkinson

A letter to the Nursery children from Mrs Parkinson.

Download: Dear Nursery Children [PDF]

Nursery – Cutting Using Scissors

Hello Nursery Children,

Today we would like you to have a go at cutting using the scissors. Look at the scissor skill cards (attached) with your adult to give you some help.

Start with making snips and give yourself a challenge as you improve. Maybe you could cut around a shape or along zig-zag lines.

Good luck and please remember to take care and most of all have fun.

Download: Scissor Skills Display Posters [PDF]

EYFS & KS1 Maths – Home Education

Useful websites to support your child’s mathematical learning

Many of our usual online resources now have free access for home learning whilst we are off. We have collated some useful links and websites for you to try.

Maths Games

For children keen to practice their addition skills (fast-paced, with a timer!):

Kaboose Game
BBC Bitesize – KS1 Maths
ICT Games and Resources
Maths Games for KS1

Third Space Learning

Links to Free Arithmetic and Problem Solving for Home Learning.

Multiplication and Division Ultimate Times Table Resource Pack
Weeks 1 – 6: Fluent in Five Arithmetic Pack
Weeks 13 – 18: Fluent in Five Arithmetic Pack
Weeks 19 – 24: Fluent in Five Arithmetic Pack

Timestable RockStars

Timestable RockStars have also added NumBots to their app so that you can practice different Maths Skills along with your timestables.



Log in to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

TWINKL is great for accessing lots of different home learning resources across the curriculum.

Keeping Active


Here’s a list of different websites that can be used at home to give your child the opportunity to keep active during their time off:

Go Noodle
Hundreds of active videos and calm, mindful moments (free to sign up).

Lots of tips and tricks for a calm moment.

Lots of fun/active videos to support subject knowledge.

Other Useful Links:

Daily updates to help children understand what is happening:

Science activities to try at home:

Computing: creating games and apps, and using your knowledge of coding:

Free home learning packs for all year groups:

Interactive activities, videos and games:

Dance videos to help revise key skills:

Scholastic free home learning resources:

Week by Week free home learning resources:

PE with Joe Wicks

Can we draw your attention to Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel where he is doing ‘PE with Joe’ Monday – Friday for children unable to do PE at school:

External Link:

This is a great resource for kids (and adults) of all ages!

Third Space Learning from Home

Attached is a note on how to access the Third Space Learning resources. These resources are used in the Juniors but can be used by all pupils.

Download: Third Space Accessing Resources from Home [PDF]

We are constantly updating The Hub area of our Weduc app with any resources we are being made aware of. School PE resources have been added for example. It is worth checking back there on a regular basis.

Nursery – Number Hunt

Good Morning Nursery, Mrs Greer, Mouse and Poppy the cat have been on a number hunt at home this weekend. Can you take mouse on a number hunt at home? Can you find numbers 1-10?

Nursery – Dough Disco

Hi Nursery

I hope you are all staying safe. Why not get those muscles in your fingers moving with this dough disco song and actions. Have fun

Active Challenge – Day 4

Here’s today’s Active Challenge. Today we are using our strength, balance and throwing skills. Good luck and remember to post your attempts and scores so I can see how well you are doing. Keep up the good work!