Advent Dates & Information letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week begins the season of Advent and the important getting ready to welcome baby Jesus. Though school is very different this year, we are going to make this season as special as we always do, but there are some inevitable differences.

Sadly, we will not be having any families into school or church to help us celebrate as a community. We will do our very best to make sure that we share photos, Tweets, etc. of the children so that you still feel part of their school celebrations. There are lots of events planned, so I am setting out when things are happening in school, so you can prepare the children at home.

Monday 30th November starts off our celebrations with a recording by Father Liam blessing the Advent wreath. Each child will have been asked to think about a way they can prepare for the birth of Jesus by doing something positive or kind for someone else.

Advent is also the season of Posada; this year the children will bring a picture of the travelling crib home with suggestions of prayers and readings for the whole family to share together.

During Advent, the children will be collecting money in each class for CAFOD gifts. On the last week of term, the classes count up their money and together, using the CAFOD site, choose the gifts for others in the world less well-off than they are. This is always a really lovely thing to do and the children always give generously of their own pocket money.

This year our classes will be having their Nativity celebrations as class or year groups to comply with our bubbles. The younger children will still be invited to have parts and dress up as they traditionally do. The older children will have collective worships where they will reflect on the Christmas story and the impact on the world.

The dates for each groups are:

Nursery.  8th December am and pm – Role Play Nativity in costumes as part of RE.

Reception.  9th December am and pm & 10th December am – 3 classes, 2 songs each and perform to other Reception classes.

Year 1.  14th December – Children dress in traditional costumes for their Nativity

Year 2.  10th December – tableaux Nativity in costumes, performing carols with Makaton signing.

 Year 3.  15th December – Mini Nativity as distanced year group

 Year 4.  10th December – Collective Worship – What is the true message of Christmas this year?

Year 5.  14th December – Collective Worship with Holy Night

 Year 6.  15th December Collective Worship

 In addition, we also have other events for you to note the dates.

December 11th is Christmas Jumper Day with a Santa Dash. The children will be asked to bring in £1.00 to take part. In the afternoon, there will be Christmas parties. The PTA will provide the food and drink for these.

On 15th December, year 4 & 5 will be attending a closed school mass in church at 11.15am. Father Liam has kindly agreed to allow the children who will be taking part in sacramental events next year to gather in church. With strict distancing rules in church, it is not possible to invite anyone else to attend.

On 16th December, our kitchens will be cooking the annual Christmas dinner – always a good day!! There will be an invitation to children who do not usually take a school lunch to join us that day. Further details will be sent out soon.

This year, with restrictions on sharing things from home, we felt that if the children did want to bring in Christmas cards each class can have a box in class where they will be quarantined and will be exchanged on one day all together. This year it might be a good idea to discuss with the children not sending cards, but donating the money that might have been spent on cards to CAFOD.

Finally, school will finish on 18th December at lunchtimes. Nursery’s last day is 17th December.

Apologies for the length of the letter, but there are a lot of dates and details to share. As always, please check our school website and Weduc for updates.

I would like to thank you all, parents, pupils and friends of St Oswald’s, for your continued support and to wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy Advent period.

Yours sincerely

Mrs M Walsh

Head Teacher

Advent Dates and Information 2020


Blended Learning letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your support and understanding this term as we have worked together to navigate the new ‘normal’. It has not been without its challenges, but in true St Oswald’s style, our children continue to be a credit to you, us and themselves.

Unfortunately this term, we have had some of our bubbles burst which has meant that it has been necessary for staff and children to isolate. Therefore, children have needed to complete their lessons remotely.

Though we fully recognise how difficult it is to supervise young children working from home, this work is not optional, but an essential element of blended learning to ensure that our children do not fall behind their peers and continue to make progress in these challenging times.

Blended learning can be done online or via a paper pack which can be collected from school. It mirrors as closely as possible to what the children would be doing if they were in their classroom.

Moving forward, if your child’s bubble does burst, we would appreciate your support ensuring that your child completes all work set by their class teacher.

If you have any problems, or need our support in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and understanding.

Miss Hay

Deputy Headteacher

Blended Learning letter

Weekly Awards


Weekly Awards (Infants)


RJ Maia RC Sofia D  RF Archie  A  2LM Caisey   2HI Penny   2SG Maddison

Star of the Week

RJ Eliana RC Joseph B  RF Tilly   1MD  Charlie M   1HH Ewan  1AJ Annie  2LM Evie B  2HI Ava  2SG Pearl


RJ Cara  RC Bethany RF Jacob  1MD  Jessica J   1HH Harry   1AJ Amelia  2LM Chloe E  2HI Amelia  2SG Rocco


RJ Stevie    RC Pheonix   RF Cynthia 1MD Oscar   1HH Ewan   1AJ Alfie W  2LM Clayton  2HI Sienna  2SG Willow


Scarlett  RC          Bella  1AJ           Amelia    2SG



Weekly Awards

Junior Weekly Awards

20th November 2020

Star of the Week

 3NT Arthur   3LY Ella S     3BW Ava

4PM Lily W      4LD   Vanessa    4RD Kacper

5KN   Molly M   5WL   Aiden

6DN Aaron M     6JJ   Archie C   6TL   Dominic M


 3NT Jenson     3LY Max   3BW   Nicole

4PM  Charlie W    4LD Leon      4RD  Isabel W

5KN  Lucy L      5WL  Thomas D

6DN   Thomas A    6JJ  Ethan H     6TL  Princeton B

Birthdays  –  Thomas A    Leann A

Synod 2020 letter

Dear Parents,

As you know Archbishop Malcolm declared that our Archdiocese should hold a Synod in 2020 to enable us to become the Church that God is calling us to be.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the timetable for this had to be changed.  This is the new timetable:

  • By the end of November, we have been asked to look at the summary list of proposals and let our Synod Members know which you feel are the most important.
  • In March 2021, the proposals to be voted on will be published.
  • Between March and June 2021, Synod members will arrange local reflection and discernment to help inform their vote.
  • The Synod will take place on 16th, 17th and 18th June 2021
  • The Pastoral Plan will be published on 1st Sunday of Advent (28th November) 2021

More information can be found at

We are writing to you today to invite you to read the summary proposals and decide which 5 you feel are important and you are drawn to and which 2 affirmations you are particularly drawn to.

The proposals can be found by following this link:

Please submit the 5 proposals and 2 affirmations that you are most drawn to to your Parish or Pastoral Area Synod Member.  (A list can be found on the Synod website, but if you can’t find details of your representative, please email your response to This will really help inform the discernment of the final Synod Proposals.  Please use the number of the proposal e.g. 1.23, 4.12 etc. and the title of the affirmation e.g. Liturgy, Mission etc.

Thank you very much for your support,


Synod 2020 Letter

Full summary proposals

FareShare Information for Parents

St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School is pleased to be able to report that we have started working with the charity FareShare, who have the aim of fighting hunger, and tackling food waste.

The FareShare charity receives high quality surplus food from supermarkets, manufacturers and the catering industry, and is shared out with community groups who distribute it to people who may need some help.

The food from FareShare is donated to them for lots of different reasons, it might be short dated or incorrectly labelled, it might be too big, too small, or too strange. Or There’s just too much of it left over in the supermarkets and manufacturers.

School receives a delivery of food every week, staff will pack it into hampers/bags to be distributed to families who have requested support. If you feel that this is something that you would like to receive support from, please feel free to phone or email school to contact our Family Liaison Officer Mrs Hyland or Miss McKenna.

Please be aware that the food received through FareShare may have some late expiry dates on, but they NEVER are not within food standards, safe to eat dates. The food received weekly will change depending on the availability of the produce donated. Requests for specific food cannot be managed.

We look forward to being part of this wonderful charity and the work they do to support our community.

Mrs Walsh

Download: FareShare Information to Parents Letter [PDF]

Weekly Awards – 20th November


RJ Jorge O RC Sofia   RF Iraklis  2LM April T  2HI Lilly B  2SG Bobby H

Star of the Week

RJ Noor RC Mihnea  RF Cynthia  2LM Alfie  2HI Ellis H 2SG Sienna S


RJ Jayden RC Jesse  RF Jacob  2LM Summer  2HI Karis  2SG Lacey Lou


RJ Archie   RC Isabella-Rose  RF Ivy  2LM Archie  2HI Amber  2SG Jayden

Junior Weekly Awards – 17th November

Star of the Week

4PM  Sophia M      4LD   Luke G    4RD  Jorgie

5KN   Thomas W   5WL   Evie KW

6DN  Alfie B      6JJ   Summer H    6TL   Deniz


4PM  Elorene   4LD Franky D    4RD  Sienna Mc

5KN  Nadia     5WL  Thomas H

6DN   Cadence   6JJ  Kirsten   6TL  Ruby O’N

Birthdays  – Maisie O’S     Amy      Alisha

Weekly Awards – 13th November


RJ James C RC Ruby S  RF Mason R  1MD Darcie  1AJ Lucy P  1HH Ewan  2LM Charlotte 2HI Ethan J  2SG Maya E

Star of the Week

RJ McRyan RC Isabella H  RF Jewel  1MD Daisy O  1AJ Bianca  1HH Phillip  2LM Oliver  2HI Archie 2SG Leighton


RJ Jack O RC Archie D RF Ivy 1MD Robyn 1AJ Miles  1HH Lucas P 2LM Amelia  2HI Daniel 2SG Maya M


RJ Mia W  RC Joe B RF Iracles 1MD Oscar T 1AJ Poppy Mc 1HH Mia K  2LM Lyra 2HI George  2SG Lucy


1MD Nicole C   1HH   Jack H   1AJ  Alfie W-S

Letter from Fr. Liam Collister

The Parishes of Saint Oswald & Saint Sebastian
Saint Oswald’s Presbytery; Saint Oswalds Street
Old Swan; Liverpool, L13 5SB
Tel: 0151 228 3327
9th November 2020

Dear parent/guardian

As you know, things have been rather hectic since I became parish priest of Saint Oswald’s and Saint Sebastian’s. We had the start of Lent, and then a few weeks later, the ‘national lockdown’ began on the 23rd March. And now, as things were slowly starting to get some sort of normality back, we find ourselves in another lockdown. I am sure you are wondering what is happening with the pastoral and Catholic life within our schools during this time, so I thought it best to give you an update as to what is going on.

In the next couple of weeks I shall be meeting with all of the children in our schools (online), which will hopefully give us all a chance to start getting to know each other, and also make sure that your child can put a face to my name. Once these meeting have taken place, we will be looking at the upcoming season of Advent, and we will all be involved in an advent service, where the wreath will be blessed, and the children will have an opportunity to bring up their prayers to be placed by the wreath. These prayers will then be brought into our churches, so that the whole parish community will be able to pray for these intentions together. After that, we will be looking into how we conduct our Christmas services.
I also know a lot of you are wondering about how we will prepare and celebrate our First Holy Communion Masses, especially for the children who are in Years 4 and 5. An online program is being worked out that will hopefully enable all involved to start and work through the preparation course. We will look into celebrating the First Holy Communion Masses in due time.

I am looking forward to walking with you and your children, especially as we prepare for the coming Christmas feast, and I hope that we will be able to celebrate together as a community soon, within both of our churches.
God bless; and stay safe.

Fr. Liam Collister

School Letter Nov 2020