Daily Prayers – 20th September

Please find below the Daily Prayer resources from Ten Ten:

Daily Prayers – 20th September [PDF]

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Junior Weekly Awards


3EM: Poppy    3HH: Amelia   3AB:  Summer

4PM: Daisy    4RD: Ellie-Mae   4MW: Nicole

   5EC:  Mason

6SD: Jamie 6JJ: Evie   6TL: Heidi

Star of the week

3EM: Clayton 3HH: Amber   3AB: Caoife

4PM: Max   4RD: Keira   4MW: Bobby

 5EC: Jayden

6SD: Phoebe   6JJ: Senu    6TL:  Scarlett


3EM:  Chloe   3HH: Anna   3AB:  Evan

4PM:  Daniel 4RD:  Macy     4MW:  Adam

  5EC:  Mia

6SD: Oscar   6JJ:  Lily 6TL:  Noor



3AB:   Willow and Ethan

3HH:  Max and Ashlynn

3EM: Poppy and Archie

4MW: Mason and Elsie

4RD: Charlotte and Holly

5LD: Isla and Thomas

5JW: Scarlett and Ava Rose

5EC: Princess and Luke



Infants Awards Assembly


Awards Assembly

Class Behaviour Star of the Week Writer
Nursery AM Amelia J Meadow
Nursery PM Violet Isla-Rose
RJC Fiore Sofia
RAB Monica Thomas
RSF Elijah Eliza
1NM Iraklis Polly Cole
1SB Hayley Lewis Lorena
1AJ Phoenix Mihnea George
2LH Niamh Sree Nicole
2JC Caolan Florence Mohamed
2SG Lucy Scarlett Logan

This week’s Infant House Team Winner is –  Roscoe


Play Leaders 1NM Sadie Charlie
1AJ Bethany Jesse
1SB Izzy Alnour
2LH Thomas Daisy
2SG Lucy B Zac
2JC Florence Caelan




Flu Immunisation letter with link


The immunisation service will be planning to deliver the flu campaign this year to all children in Reception to year 11 within a 12 week period. (Flu Season) – Please see letter below.

If any parents don’t have access to emails please contact the immunisation service on 0151 295 3833 and they will complete this over the phone


Dear Parents/Carers of children in reception to year 11,

Could you please complete your child’s electronic flu consent form via this link ASAP


If you have any difficulties accessing the link please contact the corresponding immunisation team on 0151 295 3833 who will be happy to help.

Remember flu is a really unpleasant illness and having your child vaccinated with a quick, painless nasal spray is the best way to protect them, your family and friends.

We understand that some people may not want to take up this offer and we ask that you still complete the form and choose that you don’t want your child to receive it to avoid our service contacting you.

If your child is in a different year group for their age please add the year group according to their DOB to ensure you can progress with completing the form.

Many Thanks,

School based immunisation services

Daily Prayers – 13th September

Please find below the Daily Prayer resources from Ten Ten:

Daily Prayers – 13th September [PDF]

Thank you.

Infant Weekly Awards

Awards Assembly

Class Behaviour Star of the Week Writer Quackers
Nursery AM Franky H Matilda M
Nursery PM Louis D Connie W
RJC Jacob Hannah
RAB Tilly Zach Mc
RSF Joshua O Lily S
1NM Jewel Tilly Charlie C
1SB Blake Alfred Tyler M
1AJ Jesse Jenson Isla L
2LH Jude Oscar Sophie W
2JC Jack H Mia Lillia
2SG Austin Zach M Amelia CW

This week’s Infant House Team winner is –  Archer