Year Group Overview

Download: Year 5 – Autumn Overview 2023-2024 [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Summer Overview 2022-2023 [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Spring Overview 2022-2023 [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Long Term Overview 2023-2024 [PDF]

Download: Year 5 – Maths Autumn 2022-2023 [PDF]

Brief Overview

During our first term in upper key stage 2, we will continue to develop our skills, knowledge and understanding across a wide range of new and exciting topics.

In our Opening Worlds curriculum, we are currently studying The Round City – Baghdad in History and Why California is so thirsty in Geography. We will be celebrating our creative skills during Art week this half term, as well as learning all about properties of materials in Science and creating a database in Computing.

As we move into the second part of the Autumn term, we will move on to learning about The Anglo-Saxons in History, Oceans in Geography and we will be exploring Animals including Humans in Science. We will also be developing our design and technology skills during DT week and using variables in our Computing lessons.

During this term we will also be taking part in swimming lessons every Thursday morning, with our other PE lesson being on a Tuesday afternoon. For further information related to our curriculum and learning please see our subject specific pages.

Spelling Overview

Download: Year 5 – Term 1A – Overview [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Term 1B – Overview [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Term 2A – Overview [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Term 2B – Overview [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Term 3A – Overview [PDF]
Download: Year 5 – Term 3B – Overview [PDF]

Homework in Year 5

Homework is given out weekly every Monday and is to be handed in by the following Monday. The work will usually consist of two pieces of work, one Maths and one Literacy, which will be related to the topics the children have been studying that week. The children will also receive a set of spellings linked to a spelling rule that they have been practising in class or phonics sessions.

We encourage all children to read with someone at home each night, with reading records signed and dated. The children may swap then their reading books when they have read them. In addition, children are asked to complete times tables practice at home when possible.

If there are ever any problems with completing homework or your child is struggling, please tell them to come in and ask their teacher for help before the deadline day; this gives teachers the chance to help your child and mark it before needing to hand out new homework.

Timetables Practice

Year 5 children are expected to know all of their multiplication tables up to 12×12. This should be practised regularly at home.


This should be 15 minutes with someone at home and Reading Records must be signed and dated.

Weekly Homework

We suggest weekly homework should take no longer than 30 minutes. If you are struggling with homework, stop after this time and let your teacher know.