25th October 2016


This week was Maths and Science Week and we focused on ‘Maths and Science in the Real World’ as our theme.

Our aim was to reinforce the idea that maths and science are fun, to develop our reasoning and problem solving skills, to make links with other areas of the curriculum, develop our creativity and help children to understand that maths and science are everywhere and all around us.

We had lots going on this week; lots of practical activities and experiments, giving the children opportunities to problem solve, make decisions and work together as a team.

We had visitors coming in from ‘As Creatives’ who delivered CSI Maths and Science Workshops with every class in the school, Broughton Hall sent staff to work with groups of children to carry out some exciting STEM projects, we had parents coming in to discuss how maths and science are important in their world of work and parents came in to help us with our exciting activities this week. We even had lots of amazing science experiments demonstrated to us in our school hall by Derek Stanley.

We made our own ‘Maths and Science Trail’ around our playgrounds which parents, grandparents and carers could do with their children. It encouraged us all to see the maths and science which is at our very front door.


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