6th December 2016

A big thank you to the Maths Ambassadors from Phoenix Primary School, who had a go at exploring the maths around our school playground with our own Maths Magicians. Children from year 1 to year 6, tackled our very own maths trail, braving the cold weather to try and solve real life problems. They worked really well together to look at problems involving number, shape, data and measurement with real life links.

There was the opportunity to enjoy a nice drink of orange and some biscuits afterwards, where they had a chance to discuss some of the problems and make new friends. They discovered they had a lot in common………….a love of maths.


Here are a few of the questions they tackled on the trail:

  • Measure the length and width of the football pen in strides. If a stride is roughly 0.5 m, what is the area of the football pen?
  • Estimate how many playground benches would be needed to sit everyone in your year group. Explain how you worked it out.
  • What fraction of the climbing wall steps are blue? What fraction of steps are green?
  • What shape is the roof of the sun roof?
  • How many wheels are there in the staff car park? Which times table helps you work this out?


We are hoping to visit Phoenix Primary in the Spring Term to have a go at their Maths Trail…..we can’t wait!

Phoenix Primary