7th February 2017

Twelve of our Maths Magicians from Year 3, 4, 5, and 6 travelled to Phoenix Primary School to undertake their school maths trail.

We worked alongside their Maths Ambassadors to solve some challenging problems based on maths in their school grounds. We had a fun morning and we loved looking at all the maths that is around us in our surrounding environment.

Here are just a few of the comments from the children when we returned to St. Oswald’s.

‘I loved using the measuring equipment to work out the perimeter of the stage’ Lydia (Year 6)

‘It was good to see how children from other schools solved the problems’ Gabriel (Year 6)

‘It was the best ever!’ Alex (Year 4)

‘It was very enjoyable and the problems were challenging, particularly working out the circumference of the circles on the playground’ Jake (Year 6)

‘Everyone was very friendly. I loved the challenging problems’ Konrad (Year 4)

‘It was fun to work with children from another school. We worked really well together’ Maria (Year 3)

‘I hope we can have other opportunities to work with children from other schools. It was fun’ Sandra (Year 4)