13th June 2017

Our Enterprise Club were given the task of creating a business idea with the intention of raising money for charity. First of all we had a meeting as a group to decide what venture we would like to do and if it would be cost effective. We had a few great ideas such as decorative baskets, soap and bookmarks but finally we decided to make bath bombs. We costed all the ingredients from lots of different places and once we found a total price we asked the St Oswald’s business manager Mr Strom for a business loan to cover the initial outlay. We made many different types of bath bombs including colour-changing lavender, zingy orange, frozen sparkles, rose petal delight, grapefruit sparkle and many more. They were a huge success! We sold out each playtime and had to keep making more to meet demand. We made bath bombs until we ran out of materials, all were sold immediately. Mr Strom then informed us that St Oswald’s would waiver the amount we borrowed from the school.

Therefore we are delighted to announce that St Oswald’s Enterprise Club has raised £206.00 for the charity Sightbox UK.