23rd March 2018

As part of our Prevent lesson objectives this week, in 3AB we have been celebrating the contributions migrants make in the UK and the richness of our ever growing multi-cultural society. To encourage diversity, we came up with a class rap:

Though the world we live in can be bad,
and people say things that make us sad

In my ideal world, there are no fights,
let everyone’s goodness shine out bright.

No war, no gangs, no hatred too,
everyone’s heart should be loving and true.

We’re on a mission to change; to change for good,
to love one another like we know we should.

We’re all different, yes it’s true,
we also should love one another too.

Never judge a person by the colour of their skin,
their beliefs, their family or their religion.

Celebrate all the different people,
make sure everyone’s happy and equal.

We shouldn’t be afraid of change, it’s good,
sometimes refugees are misunderstood.

So let’s love one another and make the world smile,
and we can make Britain better by a mile!