27th April 2018

On Friday 27th March, we were lucky to be visited by some coaches from Everton Football Club, as part of a taster for our school’s new ‘Football/Fitness Friday’ reward for excellent behaviour. Each class had the chance to take part and we all got to show off our skills while having lots of fun! Everybody had a fantastic time and we will all be on our best behaviour to be rewarded with the opportunity to take part again in the future!


We also had another very special visitor in school recently, a scientist from Mad Science! He showed us lots of exciting experiments including chemical reactions with a red cabbage smoothie, electrifying examples of how a plasma ball works and also how to (safely!) use butane to set your own hands of fire! We loved the assembly but were even more excited when he told us that there is to be a new Mad Science club starting in school! Lots of people have already signed up and we can’t wait to become Mad Scientists ourselves!