5th November 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Poppies are now on sale in school – Suggested donation – 20p

We also have additional items for sale in limited numbers:

Ruler £1
Pencil Sharpener 50p
Rubbers 50p
Reflectors 50p
Pencils 50p
Zip pull 50p
Silicon wristbands £1
Snap band £1.50

In KS2, prefects will be selling the poppies and additional items from Wednesday 6th November during school time.

In EYFS and KS1, monitors will be selling poppies from Wednesday 6th November during school time and school staff will be selling the additional items at home time from each year group pick up area.

All donations will be going to The British Legion.

Children will be responsible for their own money and purchases during the school day.

Thank you for your continual support.

Mrs McBrien
Assistant Headteacher