19th November 2019

Reception have made a fantastic start to their St Oswald’s journey, already learning so much in their first half term. We have been exploring different people who help us, such as parents and carers, teachers and school staff, as well as emergency services and health professionals. The children have really enjoyed looking at these professionals and even began to think of what job they might like when they grow up!

Looking at local geography and history has also helped the children gain a sense of their identity by exploring the amazing sights, sounds and people from their city of Liverpool. Singing songs, rhymes and learning through play is daily practice in Reception, with all our children taking part in interactive and practical activities to develop their literacy, phonics and maths skills.

With more fun to look forward to in the lead up to Christmas the teaching staff in Reception would like to extend a big thank you to all our children’s families for their hard work at home and we look forward to seeing you at our next parent working ‘Read and Rhyme’ on Monday 18th November 2-3pm in the Infant Hall.