4th December 2019

It has been a busy week for all of our Y6 classes this week, on Monday the whole of year 6 went on a spiritual retreat day at Animate in St Helens.

The theme for the day was ‘Love your Neighbour’.

The day was filled lots of fun activities that focused on teamwork eg building a protective shield around their egg so it wouldn’t break when dropped from a great height! There were excellent discussions and acceptance of the children’s thoughts and ideas. Teamwork was key.

There was an opportunity to reflect over each activity and the end of the session and to consider the skills they had used and consideration of other people’s ideas.

The end of the day was enjoyed by all, as the children lay on the floor in a relaxed state as they listened intently to the gentle music and thoughts and stories shared by their group leaders in a meditation exercise.

The day was a big success and judging by the children’s reaction, something they would like to do in the future.

Yesterday we invited Father Mark into school to take part in a Q/A session – the children had devised questions that focused on his vocation to the priesthood. The questions were quite taxing and made Father Mark think hard about his answers, which were detailed and informative – An excellent activity for the children and Father Mark was really impressed with the variety of questions

This week we are studying Ratio in Maths, Flashback Stories in English, Judaism in RE and Evolution in Science.

There are photos of the Retreat day and Father Mark’s visit on the website.

Y6 Staff