8th April 2020

Good Morning Year Two,

This week is a very special week as it is Holy Week. We began the week on Palm Sunday when we remembered how happy everyone was to see Jesus when he rode into Jerusalem. Now we are getting ready to think about Good Friday and Easter Sunday

You can use this link to watch a short clip about Good Friday and Easter Sunday

There are lots of things you could do to help you think about this special time. You could

– Write a newspaper article about the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday
– Retell the events using a comic strip format
– Write a poem about Easter
– Write a prayer to say thank you for the people who love you
– Share an Easter promise with your family about how you are going to try and be like Jesus.

Download: Easter Acrostic Poem [PDF]
Download: Blank Comic Strip [PDF]
Download: Easter Prayer Card Craft Instructions [PDF]