17th April 2020

Hi Year 4!

We have a science investigation for you this weekend!

As our science topic was ‘Living things and their Habitats’ we would like you to have a go at looking for living things in our local environment. (Remember to also include plants!)

There are a few ways that you can do this activity:

– Look for living things when you go for a walk/exercise with your family (Remember to keep safe and social distance)
– Have a look in your garden for any living things.
– Complete the activity from home by having a think about what plants/animals/insects we would usually see in the spring time.

There is a sheet attached with some guidance on how to complete your activity and there are also some safety reminders attached too!

Think about the following questions..

– What have you found/seen? Do you know the name?
– Where did you find it? Can you describe the habitat?
– What does it look like? Can you draw a picture?
– Does this living things have any specific features that help it adapt to its habitat?

As an extension, can you research any other additional facts about an animal/plant in our local environment?

Good luck!

Download: Living things lesson 2 [PDF]