30th April 2020

Year 6:

This week’s writing activities: Diary, story, letter, a chapter of an autobiography, newspaper report.

During this crazy time that we face… wouldn’t it be amazing for people to share and understand what you have been doing? Above are a few ideas of styles of writing that you can complete this week!

You could write a weekly diary including all of your weekly activities and an insight into how you have felt this week.
You could create a story, take one of your weekly events and make it as creative as possible – use your imagination!
You could write a chapter of your autobiography titled “LOCKDOWN” – you could include many things that may have happened during this crazy time!
You could write a letter to your teacher, a friend, a family member. Telling them how you’re feeling and what you have been up to! Asking them similar questions!
A newspaper report? This could be about any current event in the news or something that you have done?
These are just a few ideas to help you!

Below are ideas for your plan and language and grammatical features that you can include!


This week, make a note of all of the activities that you complete at home, exercise, tidying up! Helping out your families, these can be in chronological order (helpful for a diary and autobiography!)

Think about your feelings? Your 5 senses? The 5 W’s? As you probably will have a mixture of emotions this week, use emotive language to help with your writing

These can then be used to create a piece of writing of your choice! Be as creative as you can! Ask your families to take photos of you working and tag us on Twitter @StOswaldsPriLiv


Think back to the features that we have looked at in SPAG this year, and choose some of your favourite features to include! Semi Colons? Modal Verbs? Try and include some of the Year 5 and 6 Spellings that we have also looked at this year! Below I have attached the writing mats that we use in class and a copy of the Year 5 and 6 Spelling lists!

Good luck and enjoy!

I am looking forward to seeing all of your photos on Twitter! You can even take a photograph of your work for your teacher to see!

Most importantly… Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon

Mr Wall and Year 6 teachers 🙂

Download: Writing Mats [PDF]
Download: Spellings [PDF]