1st May 2020

Happy Pyjamarama Day everybody!

Happy #pyjamarama day everyone!

I hope, like me, you are enjoying having plenty more time to read some new books. I’m not too sure if Molly is enjoying this one quite as much as I am 😴🐶

Miss Guy x

Mr Murray is in the St Oswald’s Hub today and we have read some of ‘The Koala Who Could’ by Rachel Bright, a book all about facing up to change. How can reading change how you are feeling? What have you enjoyed reading recently? #pyjamarama #welovereading #readingforpleasure

Happy #Pyjamarama Day! There is no better way of relaxing than reading a good book. I would love to hear what you have been reading. It would be good to share some of your photos of what you are reading at home.

Miss Jones x

Mrs Swift and Matthew are snuggled up in the rocking chair, with a good book. This is their favourite place to share a story 🙂

Spiky bed head is a must, when in pjs

No caption needed for our lovely Mrs Gilroy! We hope you find everything you need in your non-fiction book! #pyjamarama #welovereading

It’s #Pajamarama day and Mrs Riding and Freya are enjoying story time together reading ‘The Beast of Buckingham Palace’ by David Walliams

What are you reading today?

Miss Madren has had a relaxing afternoon reading and joining in with #Pyjamarama. Who else is joining in?

Mrs Greer and mouse are enjoying a book about his friend Scouse Mouse. Happy pyjamarama day.

Lockdown has given me the time to read more here I am in my pjs on the sofa at home. We would love to hear what you are reading at home too! Share your photos on Twitter @StOswaldsPriLiv using the hashtags #pyjamarama and #welovereading

Miss Kirwan x

On #Pyjamarama day Mr Cummings’ dog Reggie is helping him sound out new words in his favourite book! What is your favourite book to read at the moment?

Happy #pyjamarama day. I always enjoy sitting in my chair and reading a good book! I hope you find some time to read today too. Mr Loughran

Happy #Pajamarama Day! Story time is our favourite – pjs and a snuggle on the couch with a good book. Cora and I are reading ‘Elephants Can’t Fly’. What book are you reading at the moment? Tag us in your #Pajamarama pictures on Twitter @StOswaldsPriLiv!

#WeLoveReading Mrs Black

Happy Pyjamarama Day everyone! We have loved spending the time reading extra books during the lockdown. Harry is racing through “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series – he thinks they are hilarious! What are you reading at the moment? Let us know if you are doing any of the special “pyjamarama” activities today – we would love to see them.

Mrs McBrien

Last night, some of your teachers (and Stanley and Bertie!) started the Pyjamarama celebrations early by sharing what we have been reading during our weekly catch up! We hope you have your pjs on!

Happy #Pyjamarama day! I don’t think I’ve owned a pair of pjs for many many years! But each day Keeva and I enjoy reading our favourite Disney books (usually ones with pictures!) we thought we’d challenge ourselves with Mary Poppins today! Tag us in your photos #readingforpleasure‬

Mr Wall

Happy #Pyjamarama day everyone from @MrMosaid. I don’t actually own any pyjamas so I had to borrow some, quite comfy actually! Soo many books on my girls lists for the day and I think they are excited for a pyjama day. Enjoy Everyone!

Happy #Pajamarama Day! Mrs Hammond is enjoying some relaxation time with a book 📚#WeLoveReading what’s your favourite story?

On #Pajamarama Day, Mrs Hall and Peter in 5AB are reading their chosen books to Hettie their dog 🐶 who likes to listen to you read? #WeLoveReading

Happy Pyjamarama Day. I know I’m not in my pjs but I’m in my comfiest clothes. I have been doing lots of reading while I have been at home and find it so relaxing. Please send us photos of you reading your favourite books x

Happy #Pyjamarama day! Mr Bradshaw’s dog Milo is reading about his favourite footballer in his pyjamas this morning. What is your favourite book at the moment? #readingforpleasure

On #Pajamarama Day, Miss Hughes has taken a picture of Isla, James and Bonnie enjoying reading ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ – a classic children’s favourite! Share your favourite classics with us #WeLoveReading

Miss Owens and Scarlett are enjoying pyjamarama day.

Happy #Pyjamarama day! Cooper and I have been doing a bit of reading this morning! What book are you reading at the moment? I’d love to know! Why not send a picture of you reading in your pj’s in! Miss Duncan

Happy #Pyjamarama day Yr 2, Enjoy the fun activities and send us photos of you reading with your family and pets. I am reading Slime by David Walliams and can’t wait to tell you all about it when we get back to school.

Mrs Hindley

Happy #Pyjamarama Day! #WeLoveReading in our house! Here we are reading The Three Little Pigs which is Sonny’s favourite. What are you reading today? Don’t forget and tag us into your #Pyjamarama photos @StOswaldsPriLiv

Love from Miss Finnigan & Sonny xx

Happy #Pyjamarama Day everybody! Mrs Jones is relaxing with a good book! Hope you all are too!

#Pyjamarama day! We’ve been spending lots of time talking about our feelings, here are my daughters reading two great books that help us understand our feelings & emotions. Miss Mckenna