1st May 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see details below for the next Youth Connect 5 Programme for parents of children aged 8+ and how to book onto the virtual course.

The course will take place over five days starting on Monday 4th May – Friday 8th May 2020 7pm – 9pm.

Places are limited, so please only register if you are able to commit to all five days.

This will be a webinar event using Zoom. You will be sent a secure link to the session via email once you have confirmed that you are able to attend all 5 sessions.

The overall aim of the course is to promote resilience (resilient families, ways to cope and support):

  • Understanding children and young people’s mental health
  • Understanding wellbeing
  • Understanding why we feel the way we do (emotions)
  • Life skills problem-solving

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, as parents/carers we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Parenting alone can present many challenges, but combining it with a global pandemic on our hands, family life may test our levels of resilience.

Kind regards,

Miss Gilmour