4th May 2020

Morning Reception! I hope you’re all happy and healthy. Here’s a nice activity to try at home:

1) Play the ‘make a monster’ game with a grownup or a sibling by folding a piece of paper into three or four sections and taking it in turns to draw the different body parts of the monster..keep them secret to get the funniest looking monsters!

2) Colour and decorate your monster to bring it to life!

3) Create a model of your monster out of playdough, plasticine or junk modelling/recycling around the house.

4) Talk to your grownups about the monster. What are they called? Where do they live? What kind of personality do they have?

5) Write about your monster using WOW words to describe their looks and behaviour. You could even try writing a short poem about them!

Here’s an example me and my children did together…we called him ‘Haydepus’

Haydepus was a terrifying beast, His flaming blue hair lights up his next feast. With octopus legs, crab like claws And razor sharp teeth in his overslung jaws. If you spot The Haydepus, BEWARE! You might need a fresh pair of underwear!

Have fun and stay safe everyone!