11th May 2020

Good morning Year 5!

See attached your timetable of activity choices for the week and the resources you will need. Any online links are included on the overview sheet for you to click on the link and any worksheets/PDFs have been attached.

Share any pictures of your work. Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for challenges or links found throughout the week to keep you busy as well. Enjoy!

Love from your year 5 teachers

Download: Week Overview – 11.05.20 [PDF]

Download: Words of the Week [PDF]

Download: Monday – Joins – Addition Worksheet [PDF]

Download: Tuesday – tious and -cious Word Endings [PDF]
Download: Tuesday – RE [PDF]

Download: Wednesday – Treasure Hunt [PDF]
Download: Wednesday – Treasure Hunt Map [PDF]
Download: Wednesday – Treasure Hunt Answers [PDF]

Download: Thursday – Franco’s Fast Food [PDF]
Download: Thursday – Missing Commas [PDF]
Download: Thursday – Calculate Perimeter [PDF]
Download: Thursday – Answers [PDF]
Download: Thursday – Geography – Growing for the Future [PDF]
Download: Thursday – Classroom Kitchen [PDF]

Download: Friday – My Lockdown Diary [PDF]
Download: Friday – Challenge [PDF]
Download: Friday – Computing – Online Relationships [PDF]