19th June 2020

This is a message from YPAS.org.uk

We have been working with LivPac and parents to put together a page specifically with resources for our SEND parents, this includes two personal blogs from our parents about life during lockdown which I am certain you will find uplifting, like the first parent blog it shows how our parents are coping during these times using humour, warmth, technology and embracing community for support.

The resources included in this page can be used by both parents and professionals and it has a number of different focus areas all in alphabetical order which should prove easy to use for both.

The link for the page is https://www.cultureliverpool.co.uk/send-parenting/.

The blog covers the following areas;

  • Parent Blogs
  • Send Resources and Support
  • FOCUS: Bereavement resources
  • FOCUS: Early Years / SEND resources
  • FOCUS: Liverpool SEND Support Groups
  • FOCUS: Mental Health support
  • FOCUS: Preparing for Adult Life
  • FOCUS: Supporting families during Covid-19
  • FOCUS: Supporting children through Covid-19
  • FOCUS: Transition back to school
  • “SEND Toolkit” (an introduction to supporting children with additional needs in the classroom):
  • Supporting Students with Autism
  • Support
  • Partner Websites
  • Website and activity ideas
  • Other Useful Resources

I would like to thank the parents, LivPac who have been an outstanding supporting organisation and our amazing partners across the city for their contributions to this.

There are two additional pages that have been developed recently which offers information, https://www.cultureliverpool.co.uk/parenting-through-covid-19/ and the second is an insight into how services are currently supporting families across the city during Covid 19, https://fsd.liverpool.gov.uk/kb5/liverpool/fsd/service.page?id=tbo-99nGg_A&familychannel=9.