25th June 2020

Dear Colleague,


                             Admissions to Secondary Schools in September 2021


I am writing with regard to the primary school to secondary school transfer procedure for September 2021.


The intention of this correspondence is to outline the admissions process for children starting secondary school in September 2021. The aim is to make parents of current year 5 children aware of the transfer process which starts in September 2020.


*Covid-19 Virus Outbreak Note* – Please be aware that there is still uncertainty around school open evenings being able to take place during the Summer and Autumn months until current social distancing regulations are relaxed. The same uncertainty also concerns any entrance assessments and exams that schools normally hold on their sites for prospective pupils.


It is advised that parents contact the relevant schools as early as possible to kept abreast of the ever changing situation so it can be established what plans can be put in place for potential open evenings and entrance assessment or exams.


The leaflet attached to your e-mail with this covering letter will be posted online on the Liverpool City Council website at www.liverpool.gov.uk/admissions and informs parents of the registration dates for schools which use aptitude assessments or ability tests as part of their admission arrangements.


The online booklet also gives information about the transfer procedure and who to contact for more information. Children and Young People’s Service will notify eligible parents in September 2020 via their primary school to invite their applications during the admission round application window. Further information on how to apply and the wider admissions process can be found online through the Liverpool City Council website at www.liverpool.gov.uk/admissions


Furthermore, during the Covid-19 virus outbreak and the fact that the majority of the relevant children are not currently in school we would like to ask could it be arranged via primary schools to send out notifications to Year 5 parents to alert them to this information online via the Liverpool City Council website as soon as you receive this letter.


We really value the vital role primary schools play in the secondary admission transfer process and would appreciate if you can support the process in what is very difficult circumstances for all this year by alerting your Year 5 parents at the earliest opportunity following receipt of the document.


I hope this information is helpful. If you require any further advice or assistance please contact the Pupil Admissions Team at admissions@liverpool.gov.uk


Yours sincerely,


James Power


School Admissions Team Manager


Secondary Transfer 2021